Another New OM-D

The Olympus OM-D brand is going from strength to strength with the announcement of another OM-D, this time the OM-D E-M10.

The E-M10 is a smaller, cheaper version of the E-M5 with its 16 megapixel sensor plus a few features from the flagship E-M1, including its TruePic VII processor and built-in Wi-Fi for image transfer and remote control. One thing it lacks from either of its two bigger siblings is full 5-axis image stabilization (IS) with ‘only’ 3-axis IS on this model.

Olympus have also announced a new M.ZUIKO lens which looks nice, this ones a 25mm f/1.8. Check out Damian McGillicuddy’s hands on review here. Tempting I must say even though it fits slap bang in the middle of the range of my Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8. Might be nice for portraits though where the extra stop would give dome nice bokeh. Maybe I’ll get to try one out at The Photography Show next month?

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    Leave your credit cards at home!

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