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Learning While Doing

I’m a great believer that the best way to learn something, whether it be photography or anything else, is to actually do it, make mistakes for sure but understand where you went wrong and try to improve next time. I find it also helps to actually capture your learnings by

Learning Resources for January – Videos on Portraiture

There are multiple ways of improving your photography, the best one being to actually take more photographs. There are also a huge number of free resources out there. Each month I’m going to share resources I’ve found on a particular topic. For January I’ve been looking at tips on portraiture.

On Photography Blogging

Around about the middle of this year I decided to up the ante a bit on my photography blogging. I set myself the target of increasing the number of posts I do each month to at least one a week and try and get to my 200th post by the end

2019 – Year in Review

So that was not just the end of another year but the end of a decade – and what a decade it’s been. In the past ten years our political, economic and environmental landscape has changed beyond recognition. In 2010 Boris Johnson was ‘just’ the mayor of London and preparing

Photographers Block and Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Photographers, like artists in any medium, constantly struggle with how to keep their creative juices flowing. All of us, at any and various times in our lives, enter that period of time when it seems impossible to come up with something new and sometimes seem to lack the inspiration to even

Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It – Shoot 1

The photographer and Photoshop wizard Scott Kelby has written a very informative book called Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It (or how to go from empty studio to finished image) which takes you through 12 studio lighting set ups and how to shoot them as well as giving hints on

Five Reasons Why You’ll Always Suck at Photography

A reflective post inspired by this article on Medium. So you call yourself a photographer? Sure, you’ve got an expensive camera (or six) and more lenses than will fit in all your camera bags (of which you have more than you know what to do with). You know all the

What Makes a Good Photography Blog?

I’ve been pondering this question over the last month or so as I’ve tried to gain more readers to this blog. Over this period I have: Moved both my website and blog to a single platform, this one, on Published regularly at the same time every week. Tried to

Shooting Runway Fashion

I recently had the pleasure of being the photographer at the second Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase UK (ZFSUK) event at the mac arts centre in Birmingham. You can view a few of the 1500 odd images I took at the show here. This was quite a learning experience for me so I thought it would

What I Learnt About Photography in 2015

I thought for my first post of 2016 I would share some of the things I had learnt from my photography during 2015. January – Photograph what you know It’s very easy to get seduced by all those photographers that travel to far away places and capture amazing images of exotic locations and

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