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Managing Portfolios in WordPress

I moved my photography website to WordPress.com coming up to one year ago now. On the whole I have been fairly pleased with my decision. There are a few foibles that WordPress has (customising can be a bit of a pain and switching between the ‘WP Admin’ and more basic editor

Photographers Block and Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Photographers, like artists in any medium, constantly struggle with how to keep their creative juices flowing. All of us, at any and various times in our lives, enter that period of time when it seems impossible to come up with something new and sometimes seem to lack the inspiration to even

What Makes a Good Photography Blog?

I’ve been pondering this question over the last month or so as I’ve tried to gain more readers to this blog. Over this period I have: Moved both my website and blog to a single platform, this one, on WordPress.com. Published regularly at the same time every week. Tried to

WordPress for Photographers

A while ago I posted how I had switched my photography website (which was self hosted using WordPress.org) over to WordPress.com (i.e. this site). One of the main reasons for doing this was that for me it was no longer viable to manage two sites, one for my portfolio and another

Why I Switched my Photography Website to WordPress.com

A couple of weeks ago I switched my main photography website over to the WordPress.com platform from my hosted (with Heart Internet) WordPress.org platform*. They are now both together here on this very site. I’m still playing around with the portfolio itself and may yet switch to a more photography

Five ‘Must Visit’ Photography Blogs

Here are the five photography related blogs that I currently find myself reading most often, and why. Jen Brook Model. To see why Jen Brook is not just your common-or-garden model you only have to read her blog tag line: “I consider myself an artist trapped inside the body of

Life of a Lonely Bur Oak

This is a beautiful and inspiring blog that captures, in pictures, a year in the life of a bur oak tree in Iowa, United States. The photographer is Mark Hirsch, an editorial and corporate photographer. The blog is made more amazing by the fact that all pictures are taken using

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