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Billingham Hadley Small Pro Review – The Ideal ‘Street’ Bag

As I’ve said before, more than once, I’m a big fan of the wonderful camera bags made by M. Billingham & Co here in the West Midlands not far from where I live.  Their bags are not only good looking and stylish they are incredibly durable and long lasting.  My

Billingham Hadley Large – The Ultimate Day Bag

People who follow my blog will know I’m a big fan of the M. Billingham & Co. bag company based in Cradley Heath in the West Midlands, UK. I own both a Hadley Pro as well as a Hadley Digital which have served me well, in the case of the former bag,

The Ultimate Camera Bag – The Search is Over (For Now)

Previously I had blogged how I thought I had found the ultimate camera bag in the form of the  Lowepro Urban Reporter 250. Sadly, although this is a very adequate camera bag in many ways, it was not for me simply because the added weight of carrying a laptop (even

The Ultimate Camera Bag – The Search Continues

Like many photographers I have probably gone through more camera bags in search of the ultimate bag than is healthy for either me or my bank balance. The time spent researching and trying out bags alone could be far, far better spent out actually taking photographs. Alas, the promise of finding

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