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Why Limitations Are Essential to Creativity

It’s probably taken me far too long to have this epiphany, but it has finally happened. In photography, and to be truthful in many aspects of life, less is not just more but all. The limitations of having less mean you have to be more imaginative if you want to

Birmingham, England, 2021

The Fantasy of Perfection

I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear. The book is about Gilbert’s own creative journey in which she shares her own unique perspective about creativity. You can see an interview with Gilbert where she discusses this book here. There are lots of great tips for how

Finding Beauty in Darkness

I’m not sure if it’s a sign of the times or because of recent personal events but I’m finding myself increasingly identifying with the songs and words of the late, great Leonard Cohen. If you are the dealer, I’m out of the game If you are the healer, it means

Stay on the F*cking Bus

I have to admit that I’d not heard of the Helsinki Bus Station Theory until reading about it in the This column will change your life section of The Guardian newspaper a few weeks ago. In brief this is a theory put forward by the by Finnish-American photographer Arno Minkkinen. The Helsinki

52 Photography Ideas for 2018

  As I said, the second half of 2017 was a bit of a wilderness for me photographically.  For 2018 I definitely need some motivation and inspiration.  Here’s a quick brainstorm of 52 things to do photographically in 2018.  Take a look, you might even try some yourselves. Take a

Some Thoughts on Being a Photographer

It’s not too hard to see that the role of the professional photographer is in something of a crisis. With the cost of photography equipment falling in real terms whilst at the same time becoming so technologically advanced it is becoming very hard indeed to take a ‘bad’ picture (i.e.

On Being a Creative Professional

In his post: The paradox of all creative professions the photographer and blogger Ming Thein laments the lot of people who work in professions (whether they be photography or anything else) that claim some element of creativity as part of their job description. The ‘paradox’, in Ming’s view, is that true creatives, or rockstars,

Photographic Inspiration for 2017

If you need some inspiration for your photography this coming year you could do worse, a lot worse, than spending 18 minutes of your valuable time watching this video narrated by the iconic photographer Henri Carter-Bresson. Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment was made in 1973 by Scholastic Magazines, Inc. and the International

What Can “The Boss” Teach You About Photography?

Bruce Springsteen’s biography Born to Run is not only an extraordinary look at the life of one of the biggest rock legends of our time but also provides some amazing insights into what it takes to become truly great at your art. If one word stands out that describes the life of Springsteen it’s “disciplined”. To some, the

What Can Twyla Tharp Teach Photographers About Creativity?

I’ve been reading the wonderful book The Creative Habit: Learn It And Use It For Life by the choreographer Twyla Tharp. By anyone’s standards Ms Tharp has a truly impressive CV having created more than one hundred sixty works: one hundred twenty-nine dances, twelve television specials, six Hollywood movies, four

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