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Who do you think you are, David Bailey?

The documentary Fame, Fashion, Photography: Bailey’s 70s, first shown on BBC 4 to coincide with his exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery in 2014 provides a great insight into probably one of the best known names in photography. Bailey’s success, and endurance, as a photographer is as much down to his charm

My Box of Postcards

One of my favourite photography ‘books’ is actually not a book but Bailey’s Box of Postcards by, yes you guessed it, David Bailey. The ‘box’ in question contains 36 (mainly black and white) postcard size images spanning much of Bailey’s career from his 60’s portraits of Jean Shrimpton and Michael Caine to

Five Reasons Why You’ll Always Suck at Photography

A reflective post inspired by this article on Medium. So you call yourself a photographer? Sure, you’ve got an expensive camera (or six) and more lenses than will fit in all your camera bags (of which you have more than you know what to do with). You know all the

The Wisdom of David Bailey

David Bailey was interviewed by Mark Lawson on BBC 4 here in the UK a couple of nights ago (10th March). Bailey is always good for a quote or two, here are a few classic answers to some of Mark Lawson’s questions: Mark Lawson: Millions of photographs being taken all

David Bailey’s Stardust at the National Portrait Gallery

The first thing to say about the David Bailey retrospective at the National Portrait Gallery in London is that it is HUGE. It occupies eight rooms on the entire ground floor as well as the corridor space joining the rooms together. Even the gift shop has been turned over to

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