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In Praise of Ordinary Photographs

As the world seemingly stumbles from one existential crisis to another I believe we need photography, and photographers, more than ever. Not just to record the chaos, the destruction and the fighting back against the calamities we seem to be inflicting on ourselves but also as a reminder that there

Five Photography Truisms That May Not Be… True

Rules, rules, rules. We all look for them to help guide us, especially when setting out in a new profession, project or personal endeavour. What are the things I can and cannot do according to accepted social norms? What have others done before that are good and bad? What are

Is a Camera a Tool You Use or an Instrument You Play?

We’re constantly being told that photography should not be about the gear but instead should be all about the image. It doesn’t matter what gear you use, a great photographer will create an amazing image no matter what camera she uses to expose the scene and capture it on sensor

Two Exhibitions, Two Very Different Photographers: Don McCullin and Martin Parr

2019 is turning out to be quite a year for photography here in the UK. The Photography Show at the National Exhibition Centre in March had some great talks from the likes of Martin Parr, Pete Souza, Lindsay Adler and Moose Petersen. We’ve had a Diane Arbus exhibition at the

Possibly the Best Photography Book Ever?

In the summer of 1975 I discovered a photography book that changed the way I viewed photography forever. I was 17 years old with an interest in photography but with no real idea of just how powerful it could be as a means to change people’s understanding of the world. One day,

Some Images Inspired by my ‘Inspirational Quotes’ Post

In a previous post I captured some quotes and images that were currently inspiring me. Here are my own images in the style of those photographers or that are inspired by their words (or both). Vivienne Gucwa Ms. Gucwa started out photographing where she lives *New York City) using a

Some Inspirational Photography Quotes and Images

Part of the learning process of photography is to look at the work of other photographers. I find that quite often inspiration comes not just from their images but the words they have spoken as well. Here are some words of wisdom I have heard or read recently from photographers that

Don McCullin at the Photography Show

The Photography Show at the NEC near Birmingham has just finished for another year and the highlight of the show for me has to have been the talk by Don McCullin on the afternoon of the last day. McCullin has been a photographic hero of mine ever since I came

Why Showing Your Work is More Important Than Showing Off Your Camera

I’ve been reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. To quote the blurb from the inside front cover: SHOW YOUR WORK! puts an end to the destructive myth of the lone genius by showing artists and writers, makers and creative entrepreneurs how to join the new ecology of talent. It

Six Great YouTube Videos About and by Photographers

If you’re lacking inspiration or just need to remind yourself of how some of the greats of photography worked (sadly all but one are now dead) here are a few YouTube videos of some of the masters of photography. Half Past Autumn: The Life and Work of Gordon Parks. Favourite

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