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Birmingham Graffiti 2022

It’s been quite some time since I have taken a walk around Digbeth in Birmingham to photograph its thriving and ever changing street art scene. For those not in the know, Digbeth is a short walk from Birmingham Moor Street Station and styles itself as the “creative quarter” of the

Street Portraits with the Godox V1

The Godox V1 is a new round head flash very similar to (some would say a blatant copy of) the Profoto A1 (but a third of the price). Coupled with a Godox XPro trigger this combination promises to be a great portable flash system for creating location portraits without having

Urban Fashion in Birmingham

A while ago I posted some images of the street art that can be found in┬áthe Digbeth area of Birmingham. I thought the area would lend itself to some urban fashion so this week with the help of Debbie had a go at doing just that. Here’s the result.

Birmingham Graffiti

Say what you will about Banksy he’s certainly done a lot to popularise graffiti and make it into a legitimate art form which, if not actively encouraged, is at least tolerated in many cities and becomes a political statement in some. None of the below are Banksy’s as far as

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