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In Praise of the Billingham Hadley Pro

During my teenage years in 1970s Birmingham, my passion for photography was ignited when I discovered a book called The Concerned Photographer in my local library. The book featured the work of photographers like Gordon Parks, W. Eugene Smith and someone who would become my all-time hero, Don McCullin. Their

In Praise of Hyperion Camera Straps

Street photography requires minimal, discreet equipment which is not too flashy and certainly not noticeable. For this reason I tend not to go with the manufacturers own camera strap as I don’t like the fact that they come emblazoned with their branding and can be quite long and wide. I

In Praise of Ordinary Photographs

As the world seemingly stumbles from one existential crisis to another I believe we need photography, and photographers, more than ever. Not just to record the chaos, the destruction and the fighting back against the calamities we seem to be inflicting on ourselves but also as a reminder that there

In Praise of the Baby Billingham

With all the recent announcements of the shiny new things coming out of Photokina this year I feel it’s time for an ‘in praise of…’ post on a product I own that is not new (or particularly shiny) and has seen a bit of a revival in usage since I purchased a

In Praise of Bill Cunningham

Last week the American photographer Bill Cunningham died at the age of 87. Cunningham was a street and fashion photographer and was famous for both his unassuming character and his bicycle which he used to get from his Manhattan apartment to the various fashion events that he photographed around the city. He was

In Praise of the Humble Chair

The humble chair. Where would we be without it? Mostly sitting on the floor I guess! In portrait photography chairs are a useful prop to have around. When someone is sitting they are naturally more relaxed and you can often capture a look or a pose that is very different

In Praise of Professional Photography Magazine

I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with photography magazines. From my first interests in photography, when I started buying Amateur Photographer, I have dipped  in and out of buying them and have probably bought most of the titles out there, including a few that no longer exist,

In Praise of the Square Portrait

The first camera I ever owned was an Ilford Ilfomatic 100 which took 126 Instamatic film cartridges producing a square photograph. Square photographs are a bit unfashionable these days, most people preferring (or at least living with) the rectangular frame that comes out of their camera by default. Michael Freeman

In Praise of Billingham Camera Bags

I’m not really into writing reviews but thought it was about time that I did write something singing the praises of one of my favourite pieces of photography kit, the Hadley Pro camera bag from Billingham. For those of you that don’t know M Billingham & Co (formed in 1973)

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