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Lightroom and Photoshop – Smoothing Skin

Here’s a fairly quick way to smooth skin in Photoshop without making it look too ‘plasticy’ which can often be the case with certain specialist retouching programs. This is the image of the model ‘Shuky’ I’m going to be working with. Makeup is by ‘Sally Cinnamon‘. You can see the

Lightroom and Photoshop – Workflow

It’s coming up to a year since I decided to switch to using the Adobe Creative Cloud and really get my teeth into learning Lightroom and Photoshop. Some of my learnings are gathered into an ongoing series of blog posts you can find here. For the start of 2016 I’ve decided

Learning While Doing

I’m a great believer that the best way to learn something, whether it be photography or anything else, is to actually do it, make mistakes for sure but understand where you went wrong and try to improve next time. I find it also helps to actually capture your learnings by

Lightroom and Photoshop – Creating a Double Exposure

Back in the days of film creating double exposure required a fair bit of jiggery pokery both in camera, ensuring you were careful not to advance the film, and then in the darkroom to make sure the film was exposed correctly. Today, thanks to the all conquering Photoshop*, creating double,

Lightroom and Photoshop – Basic Portrait Retouching

One of the reasons I have decided to invest some time in learning Lightroom and Photoshop is because of the additional control it can give the photographer in processing images. In the past I have relied on “quick fix” programs like Portrait Professional and Perfect Photo Suite to edit images.

Lightroom and Photoshop – Adding Some Background Blur

In Part 2 of my Learning Lightroom and Photoshop series I showed how to add a different sky to a landscape photograph. Here is the result of that exercise. Whilst I’m pretty happy with this I think the image could be improved further by making the background a bit blurred

Lightroom and Photoshop – Changing the Sky

Having decided on a basic approach to workflow I have now dived into Lightroom and Photoshop properly to start learning how to use these two tools. I’ve decided to give myself a year to either get to grips with them fully (or at least to my own level of satisfaction)

Lightroom and Photoshop – Organising Catalogs

So like I said I’ve finally taken the plunge and signed up to Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Photographers for one year. If by the end of it I’m not creating images like this I may well rescind my membership! Here’s the first in my Learning Lightroom and Photoshop posts –

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