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A Stream of Consciousness

This seemed like a good idea so I thought I would capture my own stream of consciousness made on a wet November afternoon. No reasons. No order. (Maybe) no sense. Here they are regardless. A camera is really a notebook. If you carry it with you at all times you

On Being a Creative Professional

In his post: The paradox of all creative professions the photographer and blogger Ming Thein laments the lot of people who work in professions (whether they be photography or anything else) that claim some element of creativity as part of their job description. The ‘paradox’, in Ming’s view, is that true creatives, or rockstars,

On the State of Photography

This is an image I shot this weekend in Birmingham which has been processed using Silver Efex Pro, part of the Nik Collection of photo editing tools. A few years ago, the Nik Collection would have cost $500. Now Google’s giving it all away. Google bought Nik, a German software developer,

An Apple Upgrade

My late 2009 13″ MacBook Pro, whilst still fully functional and working without problems, is beginning to show its age. Specifically the battery now lasts well under 2 hours and it is beginning to creak a bit using the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. Less significantly, but still annoying,

On Cameras, Rumours and the Problems with Workshops

Ming Thein is rapidly setting himself up as the enfant terrible of the photographic blogging community. Last week he tantalised his readers to guess the identity of a mystery camera which, he implied, had been given to him by a manufacturer to review. It was, he claimed, a camera that

5 Things I Learned About Photography in 2014

Despite not getting enough time to spend on photography in 2014 I did get some images I am pleased with and learned some new stuff as well. Here are five things that come to mind as being most significant and which I am finding to be most helpful with my

On Developing a Photographic Style

Some photographers, either consciously or otherwise, have a very definite style. On seeing one of their images you instinctively know it is by that photographer even if their name is not attributed to the image. The photographer and blogger Ming Thein has recently written an excellent post on defining style

Five ‘Must Visit’ Photography Blogs

Here are the five photography related blogs that I currently find myself reading most often, and why. Jen Brook Model. To see why Jen Brook is not just your common-or-garden model you only have to read her blog tag line: “I consider myself an artist trapped inside the body of

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