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An Interview with Talia White

Here’s a great interview with the model and photographer Talia White conducted by Matt Leach. It fits perfectly into my ‘muse as artist‘ series and is a great addition to this set of interviews. Their photography sites can be found at: Matt Leach Photography Talia White Photography Enjoy!

An Interview with Claire Seville

Claire Seville is a Birmingham based photographer who specialises in boudoir, pinup and alternative fashion photography. She runs her own one woman business whose strapline is “photography for bad girls”. Claire is also an ex-model, cabaret dancer and DJ so is, I reckon, fair game for one of my muse

An Interview with Jen Brook

The strap-line on Jen Brook’s blog says “I consider myself an artist trapped inside the body of one who cannot paint…so instead, I model…” Jen, as you will see if you look at her pictures however, does not just model. She also comes up with the concept for the image

An Interview with Ellie Lane

I came across Ellie Lane on Tumblr just over a year ago and have been following her work on there ever since. I was really pleased therefore when she agreed to participate in my ‘muse as artist’ interview series, especially as she was one of the artists who inspired me

An Interview with Laura Jane Harding

Laura Jane Harding is a Cardiff based model just starting to move to the other side of the camera and explore photography through creating some very distinctive self-portraits. I’m really pleased she agreed to be interviewed as part of my ‘muse as artist’ interview series therefore. You can see some

An Interview with Joel Hicks

This is my second ‘muse as artist‘ interview (the first you can find here). For this interview I have chosen to chat to Joel Hicks whose website says he is  a full-time professional model/actor/presenter/performer. He also has a degree in biochemistry, as well as a graduate diploma in law, and,

An Interview with ‘Valentina Artist’

As you will have seen from one of my previous blog posts I am interested in models (muses if you will) who are more directly involved in the creation of art than just being a relatively benign subject for the artist. This might include having some level of artistic direction

The Muse as Artist

According to Greek mythology The Muses, who were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne,  were the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts. A muse is also a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for an artist. Many famous artists

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