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A Complete Portable Lighting Kit

So after much deliberation and faffing around with various different flash guns (AKA strobes if you’re reading this in the US), triggers and stands here it is – my complete portable lighting kit. It consists of: RF60 Cactus Wireless Flash x 2 V6 Cactus Wireless Flash Transceiver Manfrotto Nano Black

One Light, One Model, One Abandoned Place

‘The Gem’ is an abandoned building in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham available to hire for photography. If you catch it at the right time of day it has some great natural light streaming in through the windows. As the days get shorter and the sun is lower in the

Off-Camera Flash with the OM-D: Part III – Flash Settings

In two previous posts on the subject of off-camera flash (OCF) I discussed the kit needed as well as an actual shoot. Since those two posts I’ve discovered the amazing Cactus flash system which I’ve written about here. Prompted by some questions from a reader of this blog I realise

Using Off-Camera Flash Workshop

Previously I discussed some of the problems I felt there were with the portrait photography workshops I had attended over the last 2-3 years. To be clear, I’m not saying any of these were bad, indeed some, if not most, were actually very good. I feel however there is currently

An Outing with the Cactus

As discussed previously I recently invested in a couple of Cactus RF60 flashes as well as the V6 transceiver for the sole purpose of doing off-camera flash. The great thing about the Cactus system is that the flash guns have their own built in transceiver so you don’t need to

The Perfect Off Camera Flash Setup?

I’d never heard of the Hong Kong manufacturer Cactus until I attended this years Societies Convention at the Hilton Metropole, Edgware Road in London. Not only was their UK distributor at the trade show demonstrating the product but they were also mentioned favorably by a couple of photographers whose talks

Olympus Lighting Workshop at Fotofilia

Readers of this blog will know I’m something of an Olympus aficionado having converted to the OM-D lineup of cameras almost two years ago now. It was great to discover therefore that Olympus have set up their West Midlands training academy in Birmingham, close to where I live, at the

Off-Camera Flash with the OM-D: Part II – The Shoot

In a previous post I described the kit I have acquired to equip me with enough lighting to do some off-camera flash portraits. The good thing about this kit is that it is portable enough to take anywhere and as all the bits are AA battery powered don’t rely on

Off-Camera Flash with the OM-D: Part I – The Kit

Attending courses and reading books (and blogs) is all well and good but ultimately the only way to become capable, and hopefully even good, at something is to actually go out there and do it. For some time now I’ve been reading up on off-camera flash and even dabbling with

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