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Photoshop – How Much is Too Much?

In a couple of earlier posts (here and here) I’ve ruminated on the importance of developing you own style of photography and also experimented with various styles myself (the above picture of which is an example). Having recently entered a photographic competition where photographers were asked to submit up to 10

Lightroom and Photoshop – Basic Portrait Retouching

One of the reasons I have decided to invest some time in learning Lightroom and Photoshop is because of the additional control it can give the photographer in processing images. In the past I have relied on “quick fix” programs like Portrait Professional and Perfect Photo Suite to edit images.

OM-D Studio Shoot Part II

Here are a couple more shots, and corresponding lighting diagrams, from my recent shoot at Tip Top Photography in Birmingham with Jodie. See here for Part I. The first shot is a nice head and shoulders of Jodie. I’ve applied a bit of skin smoothing on this using PortraitProfessional. Here’s

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