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How Ilford Black and White Film is Made

To any photographer who started out in black and white film photography the name Ilford Photo will always have a special place in their hearts. Ilford is a British black and white film, papers and chemicals company and has been manufacturing at various sites in the UK since 1879. It

Recent Portrait Work

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any portrait work so here are some recent images made using a mix of Fujifilm X-T3 and Olympus OM-D E-M1 cameras, in studio and on location.  

Street Portraits with the Godox V1

The Godox V1 is a new round head flash very similar to (some would say a blatant copy of) the Profoto A1 (but a third of the price). Coupled with a Godox XPro trigger this combination promises to be a great portable flash system for creating location portraits without having

Who do you think you are, David Bailey?

The documentary Fame, Fashion, Photography: Bailey’s 70s, first shown on BBC 4 to coincide with his exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery in 2014 provides a great insight into probably one of the best known names in photography. Bailey’s success, and endurance, as a photographer is as much down to his charm

Style with Silver Efex Pro 2 – Part I

I’ve written before about the importance of developing a photographic style as well as how not to be sidetracked when trying to do so. Being able to make photographs that are distinctively ‘you’ helps to set you apart from a very crowded world of images so it’s worthwhile thinking about

Portraits with the Olympus f/1.2 Pro Lens

The rule of thumb for the ideal lens for portrait photography is that the focal length should be about twice that of the ‘normal’ lens.   For micro four thirds cameras that would amount to a focal length of 50mm.  The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f/1.2 Pro lens pretty

Five Guys

No, not the burger chain. I’ve realised I don’t take enough portraits of guys and I’m not sure why this is? There are at least as many men out there as there are women right, so why doesn’t my portfolio reflect this? Men do pose particular challenges when facing up to

My Box of Postcards

One of my favourite photography ‘books’ is actually not a book but Bailey’s Box of Postcards by, yes you guessed it, David Bailey. The ‘box’ in question contains 36 (mainly black and white) postcard size images spanning much of Bailey’s career from his 60’s portraits of Jean Shrimpton and Michael Caine to

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