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A Pleasant Sunday Morning with Some Zombies

So what better way to spend a Sunday morning than photographing a bunch of zombies for the upcoming Birmingham Zombie Walk in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Here are the results. Models were Hannah Deathridge, Jamie Chapman, Ro Tearle and Harvey McDonald. Thanks to Deb and Steve at Tip Top

Urbex Shoot at ‘The Gem’ with Freya

The Gem is a new shooting space in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham run by Tip Top Photography Studio. It opened for business a couple of weeks ago and I was one of the first photographers to give it a try (well apart from this guy). The Gem is basically

One Chair, Five Muses

Sometimes when working with someone who has not done too much modeling, or when the ‘chemistry’ is not quite right, it can take a while for both the photographer and model to relax and for both of you to get into the flow. One of the tricks I’ve found useful

Working with Studio Flash – Part III

In Part II I showed an example use of a relatively simple 3-light setup in a studio setting. In this final part of working with studio flash I’ll give a few guidelines on how you can actually go about finding studio space and models to work with you. You might

My Favourite Black and White Portraits from 2013

I know 2013 is not quite over yet but I have put together a few of my favourite black and white portraits from 2013. Since March of this year I have been shooting exclusively with the superlative Olympus OM-D EM-5. I know this now has a big brother, the EM-1,

Working with Studio Flash – Part II

In Part I I looked at the studio flash unit and some of the controls. In this post I’ll take a look at how to translate the studio flash settings to settings on your camera and the actual lighting setup used. There are some good resources out there to help

Off-Camera Flash with the OM-D: Part II – The Shoot

In a previous post I described the kit I have acquired to equip me with enough lighting to do some off-camera flash portraits. The good thing about this kit is that it is portable enough to take anywhere and as all the bits are AA battery powered don’t rely on

Five ‘Must Visit’ Photography Blogs

Here are the five photography related blogs that I currently find myself reading most often, and why. Jen Brook Model. To see why Jen Brook is not just your common-or-garden model you only have to read her blog tag line: “I consider myself an artist trapped inside the body of

Studio Shoot with Kerry Louise

I recently responded to a casting call on Purpleport from a model who wanted some portraits creating. Kerry Louise is undergoing chemotherapy at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital and wanted some images with and without her wigs. Kerry is a very beautiful, as well as incredibly courageous, young lady and I

New Tricks from the Big Dog

Last Saturday I attended an Olympus WOW day run by the award winning photographer Damian McGillicuddy (AKA “The Big Dog”) at Tip Top Photography studio in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham. Damian’s on a mission, not only to show the benefits of using small, mirrorless cameras like the Olympus OM-D

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