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Why Hire a Portrait Photographer?

In this age of camera phones, Instagram, selfies and cheap, high quality DSLRs and mirrorless cameras surely anyone can be a portrait photographer so why would someone actually pay good money to hire a photographer to take their picture? Here are some reasons based on my own experiences of both

5 Things I Learned About Photography in 2014

Despite not getting enough time to spend on photography in 2014 I did get some images I am pleased with and learned some new stuff as well. Here are five things that come to mind as being most significant and which I am finding to be most helpful with my

Simple One and Two Light Black and White Portraits

Last month I attended a Power of the Portrait workshop given by Trevor and Faye Yerbury in Manchester. For those who don’t know the Yerbury’s are fine art nude and portrait photographers from Scotland. Trevor comes from a long line (he’s fourth generation) of photographers so I guess you could

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