Saturday 6th May, 2023. Coronation Day

At the coronation of King George VI in 1937 Henri Cartier-Bresson famously turned his back on the ceremony and photographed the crowds instead. If you are photographing the celebrations outside of London you have little choice but to do anything else. It is said no one does pomp and circumstance

15 Abstracts

The joy of looking back through your photo library is that sometimes it reveals a theme you didn’t know you had been capturing. Abstracts are one of my favourite genres I follow on 500px so it was a pleasant surprise to see that over the years I seem to have

10 Years of Blogging

This April has seen the tenth anniversary of my photography blog here at WordPress. To celebrate I thought I would select my ten favourite images, taken over the last decade, plus one taken in 2023, as my eleventh year of blogging begins. Kerry was diagnosed with untreatable pancreatic cancer in

In Praise of the Billingham Hadley Pro

During my teenage years in 1970s Birmingham, my passion for photography was ignited when I discovered a book called The Concerned Photographer in my local library. The book featured the work of photographers like Gordon Parks, W. Eugene Smith and someone who would become my all-time hero, Don McCullin. Their

Devon Landscapes

The Don McCullin retrospective at Tate Britain in 2019 included many of his most impactful photographs captured over a 60-year career. On display were his iconic war photographs from Vietnam and Northern Ireland as well as images from England recording scenes of poverty and working-class life. Walking around this exhibition

Why Limitations Are Essential to Creativity

It’s probably taken me far too long to have this epiphany, but it has finally happened. In photography, and to be truthful in many aspects of life, less is not just more but all. The limitations of having less mean you have to be more imaginative if you want to

In Praise of Hyperion Camera Straps

Street photography requires minimal, discreet equipment which is not too flashy and certainly not noticeable. For this reason I tend not to go with the manufacturers own camera strap as I don’t like the fact that they come emblazoned with their branding and can be quite long and wide. I

Street Photography 101: Always review your images

Street photography requires a great deal of patience and resilience. You can easily spend a whole day tramping the streets and come back home with precisely nothing, zero, zilch – no ‘keeper’ images whatsoever. It’s one of the downsides of the genre and something you’ll have to get used to

Images to be Grateful For

Following on from my previous post extolling the virtues of ordinary photographs here are a few recent images from some ramblings near where I sometimes reside in Devon, England. Myself and my wife frequently take long walks along parts of the beautiful South Devon Coastal Footpath with its small, inaccessible

In Praise of Ordinary Photographs

As the world seemingly stumbles from one existential crisis to another I believe we need photography, and photographers, more than ever. Not just to record the chaos, the destruction and the fighting back against the calamities we seem to be inflicting on ourselves but also as a reminder that there

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