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10 Years of Blogging

This April has seen the tenth anniversary of my photography blog here at WordPress. To celebrate I thought I would select my ten favourite images, taken over the last decade, plus one taken in 2023, as my eleventh year of blogging begins. Kerry was diagnosed with untreatable pancreatic cancer in

52 Photography Ideas for 2018

  As I said, the second half of 2017 was a bit of a wilderness for me photographically.  For 2018 I definitely need some motivation and inspiration.  Here’s a quick brainstorm of 52 things to do photographically in 2018.  Take a look, you might even try some yourselves. Take a

Managing Portfolios in WordPress

I moved my photography website to WordPress.com coming up to one year ago now. On the whole I have been fairly pleased with my decision. There are a few foibles that WordPress has (customising can be a bit of a pain and switching between the ‘WP Admin’ and more basic editor

On Photography Blogging

Around about the middle of this year I decided to up the ante a bit on my photography blogging. I set myself the target of increasing the number of posts I do each month to at least one a week and try and get to my 200th post by the end

Photographers Block and Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Photographers, like artists in any medium, constantly struggle with how to keep their creative juices flowing. All of us, at any and various times in our lives, enter that period of time when it seems impossible to come up with something new and sometimes seem to lack the inspiration to even

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