Dear Model … Kindest Regards, Photographer

A response to this post (which provides some very good advice for all photographers by the way).

Dear (new’ish) Model,

My name is Photographer (sometimes referred to as ‘tog, which I don’t really like and take as a bit of a put down). I would love it if when I shoot you that you take these things into consideration to achieve the greatest effect for us both:

  • Prior to the shoot please, please provide me with some feedback that you will actually turn up on the day (emails, texts even a call). Chances are I will have put a lot of time and money into the shoot already, studio hire which cannot be refunded, MUA who will be turning up on the day and maybe hired equipment. If you cannot make it please let me know as soon as possible and don’t give me those excuses about waking up with a faceful of spots, your grandma dying or the engine in your car blowing up just as you were about to drive off.
  • Don’t laugh at me. Don’t give me negative vibes by pulling funny faces when you think I’m not looking or sighing unnecessarily whilst I’m messing about with lights to try and get the shot that will make you look most perfect.
  • Whilst I don’t expect you to laugh at all my lame jokes please understand I am just trying to lighten the mood a little and get you to relax. Please provide a bit of feedback that indicates we are connecting, it will help us both relax.
  • If you have never shot with a photographer (as opposed to your dad/partner/iPhone in a mirror) before please consider paying an experienced one who will help you with poses, looks and tell you when you are doing the right things.
  • If we’ve discussed beforehand what to bring, then please do bring those things at least. Please don’t turn up saying “oh, I forgot to bring any shoes, will these slippers be okay?”
  • Please do come armed with a few tried and tested poses (looking in the mirror whist trying a few out is good as is looking through magazines or on the web). Above all know how to change your facial expression. There is nothing more boring than the same look on every single shot. If you are new and unsure then please listen to the photographers direction. Learn in advance which is your left and right.
  • Please understand that I may not want to show you the shots on the back of my camera. Once up on a time in the dark ages of photography (i.e. before 1995) cameras didn’t have screens on the back and you had to wait for several days whilst a set of contact prints were made. Instant is not always best. As a photographer, although I will always endeavour to get it right in the camera, sometimes a bit (or even a lot) or post-processing is required before I have you looking your best.
  • If we have agreed images as payment then I will always try to get the images to you in the time agreed. However please realise I have other clients as well and phoning/emailing everyday will not make them come any quicker. Processing images, just like cooking eggs, take as long as it takes, all you get if you want them sooner is an uncooked photograph (egg).

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me Mr and Ms Model, I really appreciate you making that extra effort and thank you mostly, for not taking this in the patronising tone it may come across as, especially as some of the points will not always apply.

I just want what you want, the best possible shot. It costs you nothing to know this but could save you a lot in the future (and even open up new career opportunities).


2 Replies to “Dear Model … Kindest Regards, Photographer”

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