Mood Moments with the Olympus OM-D

One of the reasons I decided to invest in the Olympus OM-D micro four thirds system and divest myself of all my heavy old Canon gear was that the OM-D effectively does most of what my Canon did, but in a much smaller package. I travel a lot on business and wanted to be able to carry a professional level camera with me at all times. Even when fighting my way around London or wherever on public transport! I know it is fashionable to think you can record the whole world on your iPhone these days but the optics on digital SLR’s still far and away outperform that tiny little plastic disk on a smart phone.

So, the first real test of my new outfit was this week on a flying visit to the city of Plymouth in the south of England. Despite it officially now being Spring here in the UK the weather is pretty cold still. I only had a couple of hours in the evening to get out but luckily my hotel was near to Plymouth Hoe so not far to walk. These few images capture a particular mood of the moment for me. As Jeanloup Sieff said

“There are no reasons for my photographs, nor any rules; all depends on the mood of the moment”

These are my mood of the moment shots from Plymouth.







2 Replies to “Mood Moments with the Olympus OM-D”

  1. Duncan Anderson says:

    Hi Peter, some very nice shots there – I really like the colours, you have an eye!

    Nice to find another OMD user. I was at a family gathering last week and a cousin came over to ask about my camera – turned out he’d been an OM-1 owner and had been considering an OMD investment. However, he’d never actually seen one in the flesh (this was in rural Ireland where I guess camera shops are few and far between, let alone an Olympus dealer). After 10mins playing with my camera he was sold – it seems the little OMD charms everyone!

    • Peter Cripps says:

      Hi Duncan, Thanks for the comment. As you can see from this blog I am fairly smitten too. I’ve been looking for resources etc around OM-D and all things mirrorless so let me know if you have any.

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