Five ‘Must Visit’ Photography Blogs

Here are the five photography related blogs that I currently find myself reading most often, and why.

  1. Jen Brook Model. To see why Jen Brook is not just your common-or-garden model you only have to read her blog tag line: “I consider myself an artist trapped inside the body of one who cannot paint… so instead I model…“. I first discovered Jen when she posted her now much re-blogged Dear Photographer Kindest Regards Model, XXX post which gives some excellent advice to photographers from a models perspective (which I, less successfully than Jen, tried to respond to from the photographers perspective). I would classify Jen’s art as that of a ‘conceptual model’ i.e. someone who has an idea which she then engages with photographers to help execute. Her blog is definitely worth following to see these concepts unfold and how she works with photographers to create them.
  2. Tip Top Photography Studio. I discovered Tip Top Studio in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham about three years ago (when they were in a previous location). The studio is run by a couple of professional photographers, Deb and Steve, who not only hire out their studio space but also run classes and model evenings. I’ve tried a few studio hires around the Midlands and Tip Top is definitely the best in terms of its facilities, location and friendliness of the proprietors. This is their blog which tells of events they are holding (or have held) at the studio as well as giving some great down to earth advise to photographers of all experience levels. If you are a Midlands based photographer and need a studio then definitely give these guys a call.
  3. Damian McGillicuddy Photographer. I first saw Damian at the now defunct Focus on Imaging at the National Exhibition Centre in 2012. Damian had been hired by Olympus for the launch of their new, and ground breaking camera, the OM-D. I watched the demo that Damian gave at that show, thought the camera looked kind of interesting but thought nothing more of it for a whole year until what was to be the final Focus on Imaging exhibition. This time Damian was on a far smaller Olympus stand which allowed for a bit more of a personal interaction. I don’t know what subliminal messages I received then but some switch in my brain got flipped which made me think, hang on, why am I (literally) damaging my back and shoulder hoicking all this heavy Canon equipment around when there is this far smaller camera which could do all I want and more. I was hooked and decided there and then I was going to invest into the Olympus mirrorless camera vision. I have not looked back or regretted that decision (I just wish I’d made it earlier). Since then I have been following Damian on his excellent blog where you not only get to drool over which bits of Olympus kit he is trying out but, more importantly, get some excellent tips on how to light images in the Damian McGillicuddy style.
  4. Ming Thein Photographer. This guy really rocks! Ming is a professional photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. His specialism is photographing watches and he produces some stunning images of these. If you think taking a picture of a watch just involves pointing a macro lens at the time piece then this guy will show you you have a LOT to learn. He also teaches (both online and through face to face workshops), produces some fabulous photo essays as well as some great philosophical pieces. This is one of the most detailed and regularly updated photographic blogs I know of and even giving it the most cursory of looks will mean you learn a lot.
  5. Small Camera BIG Picture. This is a blog dedicated to the new generation of mirrorless cameras from Panasonic and Olympus as well as so called hybrid photography involving both still and moving images from the one camera. The blog is owned and run by Giulio Sciorio, or just ‘G’, a professional photographer that shoots for social media, editorial and advertising. If your are wondering whether to switch to mirrorless this blog is a great resource for helping you make up your mind and also regularly reviews the latest mirrorless wonders.

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  1. Good list – I love Ming Thein as well. He’s such a genuine individual and it shines through in both his photography and writing.

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