Six Great YouTube Videos About and by (Female) Photographers

My previous post was sadly exclusively male so here are some videos about my favourite female photographers. Unfortunately the duration of some of these videos is relatively short which is a shame and says more about the producers and uploaders of the videos than it does of the women photographers that feature in them.

Eve Arnold: Eve & Marilyn Part I, Part II, Part III. Favourite quote:

If someone lends you their face you owe them the courtesy of having them look as well as they could.”

Cindy Sherman: Nobody’s Here But Me. Favourite quote:

“Through a photograph you can make a person believe anything.”

Annie Leibovitz. Favourite quote:

“You just never know what’s gonna happen.”

Dorothea Lange – Migrant Mother. Favourite quote:

“Photographers stop photographing a subject too soon, before they’ve exhausted the possibilities.”

Jill Greenberg. Favourite quote:

“Whose done grizzly bear portraits, that’s crazy right?”

Sally Mann – What Remains. Favourite quote:

“The things that are closest to you are the things you can photograph the best.”

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