Some Images Inspired by my ‘Inspirational Quotes’ Post

In a previous post I captured some quotes and images that were currently inspiring me. Here are my own images in the style of those photographers or that are inspired by their words (or both).

Vivienne Gucwa

Ms. Gucwa started out photographing where she lives *New York City) using a cheap point and shoot camera. She is now a Sony ambassador and travels the world taking image of cities. Her photographs are slightly saturated and are of streets and buildings with people often playing a minor role but being an important element in the picture.

Here’s an image of Brindley Place in Birmingham from this Spring with the blossom trees in full bloom and the Ikon Gallery in the background. A place I visit a lot (it has a cracking restaurant).

Blossom Trees, Brindley Place, Birmingham

Blossom Trees, Brindley Place, Birmingham

Jeanloup Sieff

The French photographer Jeanloup Sieff is famous for his black and white nudes and landscapes as well of picture of celebreties. His images were usually dark, brooding affairs with lots of contrast and tight crops to focus the viewer in on key elements. Here’s an image in that style of the model ‘Darling’ who is also quite an accomplished photographer herself.

Nu sur une chaise

Nu sur une chaise

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Pretty much any photographer who has picked up a small rangefinder type camera has probably fancied him or herself as a modern day Cartier-Bresson, roaming the streets of some town or city in search of the “decisive moment”. Cartier-Bresson probably didn’t invent street photography but is certainly its most famous practitioner. The thing with street photography is that it is incredibly easy to do, but equally easy to do very badly. I don’t claim to be any good at it at all but here is something of an attempt!



Don McCullin

Don McCullin, famed war photographer, now spends his time capturing landscape images around Somerset where he lives. Here’s a favourite landscape near where I live.

Fields of Wheat, Warwickshire, England

Fields of Wheat, Warwickshire, England

Alfred Eisenstaedt

I think Eisenstaedt’s “naive approach” is reflected in his subjects themselves as well as how he tried to approach photography. This image reminded me of his Mariyln Monroe shot I included in my previous post.



Tim Walker

Tim Walker is famous for his big budget fashion shoots which often involve the construction of elaborate props. Sadly I don’t have a big budget but here’s something in his style. Model is the performance artist “HM“.

October - Hannah

Hannah at the Pit, Nottingham, England

Irving Penn

The ordinary, if composed in an interesting way, using the right light, make a perfectly good subject for photography. As Penn says “photographing a cake can be art”, or tulips.



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