A Complete Portable Lighting Kit

So after much deliberation and faffing around with various different flash guns (AKA strobes if you’re reading this in the US), triggers and stands here it is – my complete portable lighting kit. It consists of:

Basic Lighting Kit

Basic Lighting Kit

This is the basic kit I now carry to shoots for use both indoors and outdoors. I sometimes also supplement this kit with the following:

Supplemental Lighting Kit

Supplemental Lighting Kit

The Cactus transceiver attaches to the Canon Speedlight allowing for a third light source when needed. I usually place this light on its provided light stand in a convenient place when I want to get a bit more light into a corner. I don’t generally use a stand for this.

Here’s the lighting as set up in a recent studio shoot with a client. The background is not mine but provided by the studio and is from the Lastolite Urban Background range.

Two Light Studio Setup

Two Light Studio Setup

And here are some of the resulting images.


3 Replies to “A Complete Portable Lighting Kit”

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