A Portable Studio: Part II – The Equipment

Rebecca Louise

Rebecca Louise

In a previous post I discussed how I had decided to invest in my own studio lighting that I could easily pack up and transport with me when doing studio shoots. This has the obvious advantage I don’t have to rely on the vagaries of what’s on offer at the studio and means I can control the type and quality of light on a shoot. It also means I’m not constrained to a traditional studio but can shoot anywhere, even outside assuming I can get power to the lighting. Here’s the portable studio I’ve now acquired.

Studio in a Box

Studio in a Box

With the exception of the softbox this all fits in the plastic crate shown (just about) so is fairly transportable. It will also fit in a large holdall if I need to carry it on public transport.

For now this kit satisfies all my needs by way of lighting. Obviously if I need backgrounds etc then they need to be acquired/borrowed however most studios have these. This kit allows me to take the type of image shown at the top if this article (in this case the two D-Lites and the Rotalux softbox) and is quite flexible in terms of lighting styles I can achieve so has been a good investment.

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