Five Guys

No, not the burger chain. I’ve realised I don’t take enough portraits of guys and I’m not sure why this is? There are at least as many men out there as there are women right, so why doesn’t my portfolio reflect this?

Men do pose particular challenges when facing up to the camera, they are not always as responsive as women and I think, unless they have some training as models, often feel a bit more awkward when peering down a lens barrel. They also pose some challenges for the photographer. In a studio at least the usual high key beauty lighting does not particularly work for men, their features suiting side, and maybe more low key, lighting. That’s okay though, as a photographer it is after all good to  explore new styles and step outside your comfort zone.

To redress the lack of guys in my postings here are five images each of five guys from previous shoots. First is Jordan (okay, and Chelsea) from the Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase shoot I photographed last year.

Next up is Raki.

Now Miki who was a hairdresser and appropriately turned up with a great hairstyle.

Next set is of actor and model Mark.

And last but not least some moody, low key images of Dan.

Anyways here are some images from five guys I have photographed over the last year or so and hopefully this year I’ll get chance to do a few more.

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