Friday Foto – 03 III 17

The Photography Show 2017

The Photography Show 2017

Hard to believe it’s March already which is the month when The Photography Show returns to the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham here in the UK. I always feel Spring is almost upon us when my ticket for the show pops through my letterbox which it did today.

This year looks like it’s going to be an awesome four days (18-21 March) with a great lineup of not just all the major photography brands but also some pretty inspirational speakers including Albert Watson and Jill Furmanovsky who I’ve booked to see and who will be speaking on the Super Stage. They have also just announced Sebastião Salgado will be appearing on 21st March.

Previous speakers have included Don McCullin and Bruce Gilden (who memorably tore one of the audience members apart when he had the temerity to ask why his portrait were less than flattering to his subjects).

Even if you’re not a gear head or fan boy/girl the show is well worth a visit to see not only the paid for speakers but also those who are recruited to dish out advice on lighting, editing as well as shooting all the photographic genres you can think of.

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