A Shoot with Fashion Designer Hilton Mutariswa

Today sees the first elections in Zimbabwe since the removal of Robert Mugabe last year.  Initial news is that millions of people have voted peacefully and so let’s hope today sees a turning point in this African nations troubled history.

Last month I was privileged to meet a fantastic gentleman by the name of Hilton Mutariswa who grew up in Zimbabwe and is now an entrepreneur based in my home city of Birmingham, UK.  Hilton is making quite a name for himself with his line of luxury footwear and his company Billione Rikko.

These portraits were made as part of some pre-publicity shots for this years Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase organised by Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe who I have shot for previously.  It’s always great to meet and shoot some of Birmingham’s entrepreneurs.

2 Replies to “A Shoot with Fashion Designer Hilton Mutariswa”

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  2. […] I was back working with Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe for Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase. Here’s a shot of Hilton Mutariswa of who was one of her featured designers this […]

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