Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase 2018

Some images from a recent shoot for Dawn Ziyambe, founder of Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase (ZFS), taken at M Restaurant in London.

This is the third year I have worked with Dawn and her team helping them with publicity images for the fashion shows she organises. This years show is at M Restaurant on 29th September 2018.

ZFS Group Shot

ZFS Group Shot

Here’s the full crew (left to right in the above picture):

  • Jimmy Scott, Co-founder of Koy Clothing
  • Hilton Mutariswa, Founder and CEO of Billione Rikko
  • Dawn Ziyambe, Founder of ZFS
  • Rose Collins, Director of Rose Collins Millinery
  • Keilie Bent, Head Designer of Atuu
  • Mimi Mutambira, Head MUA for ZFS

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