Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase – Part III

This is the final of my trio of Zimbabwe Fashion Shoot posts (check out the review in The Voice). Part I focused on behind the scenes and Part II had the collections of House of  Hohwa and Rose Collins Millinery.

First up is the mens wear collection from Koy Clothing run by two brothers, Alastair and Jimmy Scott.

Jimmy & Alastair Scott

Koy aims to combine traditional African fabric with the the British lifestyle.

Next is Atuu Clothing founded by Keile Bent.

Keilie Bent - Head Designer of Atuu

Keilie Bent – Head Designer of Atuu

ATUU, meaning embrace, is a brand designed to inspire people and represents the hope, pride and confidence of the African people.

Finally is the collection from Samson Soboye founder of Soboye, a London based African Fashion & Lifestyle brand and Boutique.

Samson Soboye

Samson Soboye

Samson has 20 years’ experience in the creative industries and is the British Nigerian creative behind this successful brand that has been going for an impressive 15 years in Shoreditch, London.


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