Looking Ahead to 2022

Love Photography

For my final blog entry of 2021 I thought I’d reflect on a few posts from my blog from the past 9 years. More philosophical posts than gear related on how you can love your photography in 2022.

Sharpness is a Bourgeois Concept – Our obsession with ever higher resolution sensors and sharper lenses is a fools errand. What matters ultimately is creating images with what we have not forever wasting time (and money) on the next best thing.

A Stream of Consciousness – Nineteen thought-bites on photography.

Stay on the F*cking Bus – The importance of not giving up on your creative journey.

To Specialise or Not – Pros and cons of becoming a specialist in your photography.

When We Start Seeing – What do we really see when we look at a photograph?

What Can the “Boss” Teach You About Photography? – A few observations from Bruce Springsteen’s biography that I think any artist could take on board as a way of improving their artistic skills.

Why Showing Your Work is More Important Than Showing Off Your Camera –  The tools we use are just that, tools. All the truly great photographers know this and often barely seem to realise their cameras are there, or at least are such masters at using them they become like a part of their body.

Here’s wishing everyone a creative and successful 2022.

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