In Praise of Hyperion Camera Straps

Street photography requires minimal, discreet equipment which is not too flashy and certainly not noticeable. For this reason I tend not to go with the manufacturers own camera strap as I don’t like the fact that they come emblazoned with their branding and can be quite long and wide.

I came across Hyperion camera straps a couple of years ago and have purchased a few of their products since then. I buy the round acrylic version but they also make flat acrylic as well as leather straps.

You can customise your strap by type (neck or wrist), colour, length and binding so have an endless number of combinations to choose from. As well as being good looking (and discrete) the straps are extremely well made and incredibly tough.

My latest purchase is the one shown in these images for my Fujifilm X-Pro3 which is their 90cm black, round acrylic neck strap with burgundy red binding and optional leather protector lug (which I recommend you also purchase to protect the paintwork on your camera).

If you’d like to purchase a Hyperion strap you can do so through this affiliate link.


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