People’s Vote March, 23rd March 2019

I’m not a fan of Brexit. In fact I believe it is the greatest act of self-harm this country is going to do to itself since, well, since ever really. When before did the UK voluntarily decide to:

And why are we doing this? Simple, to fulfil a grubby Tory wet dream where England (not even the UK) returns to some 19th century fantasy land when it had an empire, Britannia ruled the waves and the proles knew their place and always doffed their hats to their lords and masters.

Of course all of this is legitimised because ‘the people’ were asked their opinion in a ‘democratic’ referendum and voted in favour of leaving the EU. The fact that the people were systematically lied to seems to have been forgotten but more seriously no one, especially the Tory governing party and feeble Labour opposition, seems too concerned that the whole voting process was probably interfered with by self-interested groups that sought to gain from the UK leaving the EU. Last year even the Electoral Commission concluded that Vote Leave broke electoral law and fined that organisation £70,000 for breaking its £7m spending limit – an activity which is the thin end of the wedge according to reporting by Channel 4 News and The Observer.

It is no wonder then that, given all of the above, official estimates were that over one million people demonstrated in London yesterday on the People’s Vote March to protest against Brexit and seek a second referendum.

I’ve never been on a March before and guess it’s a sign of the times that even old farts like me think it’s never too late to participate in something as important as this. Will it make a difference? I’d like to think so but sadly suspect otherwise. All I can say is that it was amazing to see so many people of all ages, colours and sexual orientations participating so enthusiastically and peacefully.

As this is meant to be a blog about photography, here are some picture to prove it.


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